Saturday, February 17, 2007

Fabulous new hair from Chicanery

Chicanery Turnbull is best known for designing..... well, Swirly doesn't actually know, but that doesn't really matter. Chicanery has branched out from whatever it is he normally

does into the fabulous world of hair design, and Swirly is thrilled to review his first hair release, "Bartley Head". This hair is unique in that it covers your ENTIRE head and replaces your face with a series of images, shown here is a little smiley face with lots of static. It also has some long flexi strands that are vaguely reminiscent of television antennas.

Chicanery has also released some jewelry to match his hair, though why you would want to wear something on your shoulder that resembles a parasitic creature with a television on its head is beyond me.......