Sunday, February 25, 2007

Recent Stuff from Hearts Desire

Here at Fashion Victim we are usually too lazy to bring you updates the minute they are released in SL. We like shopping, exploring, hanging out and taking fun pics, and we usually just get around to posting stuff here when we feel like it. So in that spirit of dedication, I bring you some recent stuff from Hearts Desire.

I was lucky enough to meet Joe Stravinsky and Heart Wishbringer whilst shopping in their store the other day during my lunch break (yes, a true SL junkie here, bugger food, give me Second Life!) And I cannot believe that people who are SO nice can bring us footwear as evil looking as the Kiss Me Deadly boots pictured below. I had seen a preview pic of these on the forums but was still completely in awe once I put them on. The prim work is amazingly detailed and the metal textures are so shiny. These spiky boots manage to look MEAN whilst still being damn sexy. Available for 350L with quite a few colours to choose from.

Having an irresistible compulsion to own any clothing or accessories in SL that are even vaguely military styled, I was excited to see that the Inquisitor's Boots are now available with camo textures for both girls and guys. Here's a pic of me flying above a disgusting sewer pipe whilst wearing them, don't ask me why, just thought it would look cool. Oh, the boots cost 250L.

Here are the new Willow boots which are available for both girls and guys. These have HUGE platform soles and again that great prim work on the metal sections. These have flexi straps which really draw attention to the boots when you walk, but of course I am sitting down in this pic which probably wasn't the best way to show them off. Hey, I did mention we are lazy here at Fashion Victim. Anyway, the boots cost 350L and there are a few colours to choose from.

On another note, I noticed that Hearts Desire have some free avatar packs available for new residents. These are GREAT, there are a number of packs to choose from for both girls and guys and they include a modifiable shape, skin, clothing, hair, eyes and a fully loaded AO. For ZERO linden. I already mentioned that Heart and Joe are REALLY nice didn't I? Anyway next time you are helping out a newbie make sure you take them to Hearts Desire.
Hearts Desire