Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Bringing sexy back is too easy.

Good morning! I'm in an excellent mood despite still being knocked up! My loverrr, Bing, bought me a very very very S E X Y lingerie set! So I thought why not take sexy pictures and post them for my beloved fans! First picture is just of pretty me surfing the web reading fan mail and normal things like that...

Bing bought me this adorable
lingerie set from the fabulous store FooRoo Boutique. I must say if I went out in public dressed like this, guys would be all over me. I couldn't blame them though! OH! And do you see how beautifullllllllllll my hair is! Of course I purchased this fun and cute hairstyle from ETD. Those blinged out silver hoop earrings are from Ramos Designs and my killer hooker shoes are from Hearts Desire.

All these stores have wonderful items for very low prices. When you become pregnant you have to start a budget because you have to save all your money for that burden on its way. So I found shopping at the above shops has been very good for me and my linden balance. Great stuff for cheap! What more could a girl want? Take care everyone...oh...and Dazzle opens soon!! I CANNOT WAIT!