Sunday, February 11, 2007

Featured Designer - SweetEdge Jewelry

sweethate Flasheart is the designer behind SweetEdge Jewelry. This isn't your standard, pretty blinging jewelry that will go nicely with the new frock you just bought. SweetEdge focuses on punk and gothic designs, and we are talking serious spikes and heavy chains here. Shown above are the appropriately named Insane Spike Bracers - I wouldn't recommend hopping on a pose ball with your nearest and dearest whilst wearing these (well, unless you are into that sort of thing of course...) The Steel Spiked Thigh bands feature flexi chains and look amazing when worn with a latex catsuit, which I somehow neglected to wear in this photo above. sweethate also makes some wicked looking boots and shoes, and I am wearing the very spiky and sexy Blood Spillers. Ahhh, for a pair of these in real life!

sweethate has just released some awesome razor blade designs, to the left is the Punk Razor Dog tags, which I just love! Also shown are the Punk Razor Earrings.

Shown on the right is the Razor Punk Choker, which is a very detailed barbed wire choker with a dangling razor blade - nice! There are several other new items in the Punk Razor series as well.

sweethate does sell a number of "prettier" items as well, including some finely detailed heart jewelry which I didn't buy because of, well, the hearts :P

SweetEdge Jewelry