Monday, February 12, 2007

In the Closet with Smelly

Hello dears, Swirly here. During her travels across the grid, Swirly is often stopped by adoring fans and asked for style tips. Sometimes Swirly doesn't even wait for people to ask her advice before giving it, as was the case on a recent trip to The Block. Swirly was strutting her stuff past FORM when she saw a rather delectable young man with the unfortunate name of Smelly Janitor. Alas, Smelly had fallen victim to FORM clone syndrome. Yes, while Zabitan Assia does make some wonderful clothes, a rather disturbing side effect of his success is that we now have whole sims full of handsome young men wearing EXACTLY the same thing. There must be another alternative! I discussed this issue at length with Smelly.
[5.45]You: Well hello there darling!
[5.45]Smelly Janitor: Hi Swirly
[5.45]You: I see you are single and have payment info used. Any chance you are looking for a wife? ;)
[5.46]Smelly Janitor: Um, no........ sorry
[5.46]You: Sigh..... that's what they all say. Darling I couldn't help but notice you have been shopping at FORM. Do you buy a lot of clothes from there?
[5.47]Smelly Janitor: Yeah, a bit, I like their stuff
[5.47]You: Darling, you do look wonderful, but I am afraid you have become a FORM clone :(
[5.47]Smelly Janitor: LOL what are you on about?
[5.47]Swirly Cyclone sighs
[5.48]You: Well darling, everyone knows that there is a dire lack of quality menswear available in SL, and FORM is the best. So all you boys shop there, and you all end up looking absolutely delicious, but exactly the same.
[5.48]Smelly Janitor: Yeah I guess, I mean, I don't really know where else to get clothes and stuff here
[5.49]You: Well isn't it lucky you met Swirly then! I know just the place for you!

Swirly TPed Smelly straight to the men's clothing section of Last Call to show him the fabulous new things Ginny has made. Swirly just knew he would be thrilled!

[5.51]Smelly Janitor: That's a skirt. You are kidding me right?
[5.51]You: No darling, that is not a skirt. It's a MAN-skirt. They are all the rage now. Lots of celebrities wear them dear.
[5.51]Smelly Janitor: I wouldn't be seen dead in it, sorry.
[5.52]You: Don't be silly dear, it would look fabulous on you!

At this point some money exchanged hands, and Smelly walked out of Last Call with 2 fabulous new outfits, Right Said and Urban Cowboy. Next stop was Naughty Island for hair, where Swirly picked out some stylish hair to replace the scruffy mop Smelly was sporting as an excuse for hair.
[6.05]Smelly Janitor: I look ridiculous. Can we get out of here please, this is really embarrassing
[6.05]You: You look divine darling, much better than you did before. OK dear, Swirly better get some pictures of you in the other outfit now!

[6.12]Smelly Janitor: OMG what is this, Brokeback Mountain? There is no way I am wearing this stuff
[6.12]You: You really should show some gratitude darling, Swirly paid over 1500L for your new look!
[6.13]Smelly Janitor: Sorry Swirly, thanks and all, but there's just no way I will be wearing this stuff again, its kinda ......... gay
[6.13]Swirly Cyclone sobs
[6.14]Smelly Janitor: Nice to meet you Swirly, might see ya round. Oh, is this shit transfer so I can sell it?

Last Call