Sunday, February 4, 2007

Das Boot!

The lovely Fallingwater Cellardoor felt it was her duty to give me free and brand spankin' new boots to review. I loved them so much I decided to ditch whatever else I was wearing. Now I know that my fabulous body would cause some trouble here. I mean, god, mah nakedness could bring the servers down. So I hope you don't mind if they are artistically censored.

Like any other great lesbian, I LOVE to hike. Luckily it was pretty quiet up in the mountains, which was good because I didn't want to be bombarded with the gazes of all the ladies that luv moi. I don't try to steal girlfriends, it is just a gift. Back to my naked hawt body, which doesn't come easy. It requires a lot of work like modeling free stuff people give me.
These Flare Oxford boots from Shiny Things are wonderful and very cool. They come in sixteen different colors but she only gave me four: Burgundy, Electric Blue, Glitter Black and Glitter Red. Whats the deal with dat? Purrfect for kicking some dope down the mountain side and stealin' his pickanic basket. Woohoo Booboo!

As you can see, the detail is superb and they make great ass kickers. They also come in two sizes for pants and skirts. As you can see, I am wearing nether, but it helps give you that extra bit of posh when you decide to comply to the "MAN'S" demands and cover up. She also sent me some Nubby socks too! They are great for when you decide to stop having that foot fungus. Ewww, Swirly you know i'm talkin' about you.

So go get these now because I said so and feel free to send me naked pictures of you in your new Flare Oxford boots! Not for a contest or anything, I just LOVE TITS! Tahtah, ladies and hope you enjoyed your minutes with Cinnamon.

Check out Shinythings for more great footwear, jewelry and clothing!