Saturday, February 24, 2007

Evil Fallingwater Holds Innocent Flowers Hostage

Most people know Fallingwater Cellardoor for the amazing shoes, jewelry and accessories she creates for her store Shiny Things. Meh. Bugger the shoes, give me her FLOWERS any day. Fallingwater Flowers is home to some of the most beautiful creations in Second Life, fantastical scripted prim flowers in every colour under the rainbow, gorgeous trees and sculptures and furniture. Creations which allow you to create amazing fantasy gardens, your own little slice of heaven right in SL. Creations which are so addictive, you will find yourself needing to buy more and more land to house them until your tier is up to $70 a month ........... OK well maybe not everyone is as obsessive as me but you get the idea.

When Fallingwater opened her new sim Shiny Falls I was straight there, confident that with a whole new sim to play with, Fallingwater would surely have created many more plants to fill it. I was excited to find a new tree in the garden section, then I spied a stunning new HUGE flower right outside the Shiny Things store. On closer examination, it was not for sale and was named simply "preview flower".

Well, I wasn't thrilled about that but figured that Fallingwater had been so busy building her new sim she hadn't had time to release the new flower. No problem, I am a patient girl.

I went inside the Shiny Things store and OMG the most AWESOME plant EVER was tucked away in the corner. It was called Petal Plant and I just HAD to have it!!!

WTF?? Not for sale? OK this was getting just a little too hard to deal with. I felt like Fallingwater, who had always SEEMED so nice, was deliberately taunting me with beautiful plants I couldn't have. But nah, that couldn't be right......

As the weeks went on, Fallingwater released new shoes and boots, lots of em. But NO flowers. Every time I went to Shiny Things, I was taunted by my coveted Petal Plant and inadequately named preview flower, still not set for sale. Frustrated beyond belief, I finally IMed Fallingwater to complain. Well, to cry and beg really. And I have to say I was quite appalled at her response. She hasn't yet gotten around to finishing the flowers. What?? She can make 2000 new pairs of shoes (OK well maybe I am exaggerating just a bit) but she can't finish making a couple of flowers that I NEED?? Fallingwater even went so far as to admit that she had been neglecting her plants and they would probably DIE. This is just not good enough, and I for one will be boycotting any new shoe releases from Shiny Things until Fallingwater finally releases her plants. Well, unless the new shoes are really cool of course....