Friday, February 23, 2007

*Fashion Mode Adventure* CKS Designs

Hey bitches, its moi again with another few steps in my journey through Fashion Mode. Today, CKS Designs is next which happens to be right next to the last shop I did. Wow, I feel like Frodo and Sam trying to get rid of that stupid ring. Just with less homo erotic tension. They do make a lovely couple but who is the bottom? Ewwww, anyway don't wanna think about midgets!

CKS Designs is full of great outfits and here are two great ones that show different styles. Lovesick is for that Hot Topic gothy chick inside all of us and I don't mean with a strap-on! The plaid really works with a lot of other punk outfits and shit. It comes in a few layers so you can pick and choose what to wear or not to wear. Great for showing off those tats or well your tits!

Next is the Secret Admirer, great little set that reminded me of my younger days in High School. This cute school girl set will guarantee you an A plus from all your teachers. Thats how I got my doctorate! Lets just say lil ol' Cinnamon was a teacher's pet. I mean a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Ya should have seen recess! And if ya know me I love pink in more ways than one. ;) So head on down to Fashion Mode again and check this and other great stores out. Go get your A+ and said Miss Coffee sent ya. Otherwise I'm putting you in the corner!