Saturday, February 24, 2007

Dumpster Diving with Swirly - Virtual Angels Yard Sale

Swirly's Dumpster Diving features are about fashion bargains in Second Life, but today Swirly brings you some very special bargains which are available for a limited time at the Virtual Angels Charity Fund Yard Sale. Special because not only can you help yourself to some of the finest fashions in Second Life for incredibly low prices, you can also know that in splurging on yourself to look FABULOUS you are actually helping other people. Many of you will remember the Ayeshe's Angels Charity Yard Sale that was organised a few months ago by Simone Stern and friends to assist SL designer Ayeshe Millions in obtaining vital medical treatment. Ayeshe's Angels is now known as Virtual Angels and you can read all about the wonderful work they are doing here.

Simone and her fellow Angels have organised yet another sim wide charity yard sale, with donations of fabulous clothing, hair, skins, shoes and furniture from a number of well known SL designers. And of course, this includes many many wonderful gowns and outfits from Simone for only 100L. Now Swirly is loathe to mention Simone in a post which contains the word "dumpster" in its heading, as anyone who knows Swirly will be aware that Simone is her all time favourite designer. But Simone gowns that usually retail for 800 or 900L for only 100L? Darling, bargains do not get any better than this! Especially when your husband has no payment info on file and in any case seems to have disappeared off the face of SL after only a few moments of marriage......

Swirly has not had to chance to look at everything on offer at the Virtual Angels Yard Sale yet, because as you can imagine an event this large draws in quite the crowd, and so many people trying on their new prim gowns and alpha textured hair all at once creates some unpleasant lag (darlings, try it all on when you get home please!) Swirly will share with you a few of the fabulous bargains she found, all for the incredibly low price of 100L. All photos were taken at the newly renovated
Tableau sim which Swirly just LOVES despite the fact that it resembles a dusty desert shanty town.

First we have the absolutely divine Simone Fallingwater Gown in pink. Swirly also found Calico Creations stunning alpha textured Ember IV hair which just looks SO glamorous.

Next we have Simone's adorable Little Princess dress in pink, which makes Swirly look like a petite and graceful ballerina. Swirly also found a very pretty skin by ShyOne Lehane at the sale, the makeup is perhaps a little muted for Swirly's liking but lovely all the same.

Swirly fell in love with Simone's very sexy Ring Mistress in Red, which definitely gave Swirly even more star quality than she already had!

There was lingerie galore to be found at the sale, but none more spectacular than Simone's Bedroom Barbie in Pink. Swirly is definitely saving this one for her next honeymoon! Swirly is also wearing Calico Creations Rachael Hair which is very sexy.

Finally, we have Simone's Grace Wedding Gown, and Swirly is looking forward to many blissful weddings wearing this. It even has a sweet little hat and veil which sits very nicely on top of the Amy Hair from Calico Creations.
The Virtual Angels Yard Sale runs through until March 3rd, so hurry along now dears and make sure you don't miss out. But do try to go when Swirly isn't there, Swirly really doesn't need you adding to the lag.