Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ginny Does It Again

Hello darlings, Swirly here with another fabulous update. This time we have another divine dress from Last Call called Fashionista. Unfortunately, this is already yesterday's news as Ginny has since released even more goodies which you can read all about here. Poor Swirly just can't keep up with all these gorgeous new things. It would help if Ginny would actually bother to send Swirly review copies of all her new clothes, but no, Swirly has to buy them. With MONEY. Anyone would think that Ginny didn't want to see her clothes modelled here by Swirly on Fashion Victim. Anyway, I am sure that it is just an oversight on Ginny's part which will be rectified before her next update.

What is far more worrying for Swirly is the fact that Ginny Talamasca is STEALING Swirly's look! Examine the pictures below carefully and see for yourself. Here is Swirly modelling Fashionista:

And here is Ginny's rip-off version:

Swirly is sure that her readers will agree that this is extremely disturbing. Ginny, enough is enough dear, find your own style. There is only room in SL for one Swirly Cyclone!