Monday, February 19, 2007

Head over heels for Headphones!

Hey everybody, I'm backkkkkkkkkk... yes I know you have all missed me. I was not really in the mood to do a post the past week or so because I had a visitor if ya know what i mean. Since I don't wanna take any pictures below the waist I thought I'd just do a special on one of my favorite accessories. HEADPHONES!

These headphones are from PanJen and are very cool. They come in two different sets for either wearing on your head or around your neck. Very good for covering all those hickeys that a certain someone gives me ;) Hehe... I'm just teasing there are far more than a single chica responsible for my lil love bruises.

Next up these Hipster Headphones from Nylon Outfitters! That store is great and so are these. Not your standard set because they are so god damn big. They look like my momma's bra... don't ask. Cool thing about these is that they are MOD! Which means you can tint them to match your outfits your wearing or if your just butt naked and wanna add some color besides the red hand print on your ass. Again... don't ask. Well you can, lets just say I like a spankin' sometime. Well... all the time. Who doesn't?

Skanks-R-Us is our next stop for these cool looking headphones with a great name "Headphones!
zOMG!", I mean how can you not love em? I mean you gotta love Poe for that. Actually I know someone that wuvs her sooo much. Sweethate is the one that has got da skank's heart. Everyone say "awwwwww"... and I hooked em up! I'm the matchmaker baby! The difference for these is the fact that they are a little more round and have a lil bit more of a odd look. If anyone knows odd its Poe but it really stands out from the pack.

FNKY! Headphones MDJ-V700 from.. FNKY! are very cool too. One of the more interesting aspects of these are the various scripting options you have.
They light in a variety of colors and even glowing particle effects. They are very sleek and can match almost anything. Great for listening to my latest favorite CD, Imogen Heap! Yeah I have no fuckin' idea who he is but apparently it's hip to say you like his music. I am a more of a Indigo Girls's well girl if ya know what I mean. ;)

Gritty Kitty: Studio Headphones are these funky looking chrome cranium accessories. These are scripted to have lil notes to float out of your head,
like your education after watching a movie featuring a popular comedian in a fat suit. This is one of the more detailed headphones I have seen and are just fun. The notes are a nice touch to this excellent design. Plus they keep my ears warm from this fucking cold. Who the knew it was suppose to be this cold in... um February. Doesn't make any sense. I demand to be hawt!

Headphones by Kin are the final headphones I have. These are a lil different because you just wear them around your neck. They come in a few different
color sets and have that futuristic modern look to them. And NO!, that doesn't mean you have to listen to techno and trance! I heard that music makes you have diarrhea, prob why they are always to thin after listening to it. That or all the gay sex and cocaine. Don't worry if there isn't a color you like because you can tint them to match your mood.

Hope you enjoyed this little adventure in the world of headphones
. If you have any cool ones, just give them to me because I demand it. And I always get what I demand! Please?