Saturday, February 3, 2007

It's not easy!

It's really not easy being knocked up. Just thought you all should know. It's especially not easy finding the right clothes to flatter your new, "larger" shape. That is, for the average person. I'm not average, of course. So actually...being knocked up is quite an easy thing for me! As you can see from the pictures I manage to look wonderful while carrying that burden that belongs to my partner Bing and I.

Anyways! Moving on... So I know all you knocked up hookers are just dying to know where I got the pieces to this wonderful outfit. So...I guess I'll be nice for once and share for you the places.

The pants, hot pink socks, hair, and glasses come from the wonderful store artilleri! Those beautiful bright yellow shoes are from Shiny Things! The earrings are from Ramos Designs, and the fabulous shirt and bangles came from Le unoriginal Couture! So now that I've told you the stores in which I got the pieces to this wonderful outfit, I want all you knocked up hookers to get your fat asses up and RUN to the stores. That's right...put down that hamburger and go shop. :) Love you all and take care!

Try to steal my look & try to look just as purrrrdy as me!