Thursday, February 8, 2007

New Designer - Bitter Thorns

OK, before I do one of my SERIOUS reviews which highlights the work of a talented SL designer whose work I admire, I need to make a few things clear here. Fashion Victim is a serious blog, we aim to directly compete with more popular blogs such as Linden Lifestyles, PXP, Appearance Mode, Style Disorder and Second Style Fashionista. Except of course, we will bring you BETTER content. Think cyberpunk accessories, goth and punk clothes, weapons and other stuff that I personally like. None of this pretty pretty crap by the big names that OTHER posters here seem to want to inundate our readers with. Who is interested in that stuff anyway? No sucking up to designers in the hope of getting free stuff, that is NOT what we are about. And definitely NO blogging stuff cos "Oh my best friend made it and I want to help promote their store"......... that shit just reeks of nepotism and Fashion Victim is designed to give honest, unbiased reviews of unique and cool stuff that will interest our readers. Just objective journalism here people.

Right, now that I have laid out the ground rules, let's get on with what Fashion Victim is all about as I present you with a review of my wife's new jewelry store.

Bitter Thorns is the brain child of the beautiful and talented Juliet Ceres. Hi wifey! Juliet is not only the hottest piece of ass in SL, but no-one else can turn a simple handful of prims into a masterpiece of design the way she can. Every single one of her pieces is a work of art. I really did not feel that I could do justice to her work by modelling it myself, being far less beautiful than my wife, so my precious darling has kindly allowed me to use her own pics to showcase her work here for you. I could just look at these for hours *sighs contentedly*. Shown above are Juliet's Dark Claws, and aren't these just the BEST thing you have seen? I love it when she runs her hands slowly down my back whilst wearing these..... OK, you can stop looking at my wife's tits now, get your own wife if you wanna do that sort of thing please.

These are Juliet's Forearm Claws. She designed these specifically to be worn with guns, pretty evil looking, huh? Damn wifey, you are just so talented and look SOOOOOO hot with those guns. Oh, by the way, these claws are retractable. Ain't she clever?

This is quite possibly my favourite picture of my wife, doesn't she just look so pretty and sweet? Oh yes, and she is modelling her Dark Spiral Bracelets here which I just LOVE! Nearly forgot about the jewelry while I was looking at that pic, doh!

These are Juliet's Dark Gyro Earrings. This picture, whilst being a tantalising closeup of my wife's ear that just makes me want to nibble on it, doesn't really highlight how cool these earrings are. They are animated and the red centre piece actually glows.

Juliet also makes some stunning and highly detailed necklaces. The prims on these are SO tiny. I asked Juliet how she does it and she said never mind, I wouldn't understand. This is the Silver Cyber Cross necklace. I am not sure if it is her BEST necklace because she has made quite a few of these, in a variety of designs. But I do know that her face looks really pretty in this photo :)

This last piece, the Silver Heart necklace, is my favourite because Juliet made it just for me for Valentine's Day! :D She is, um, selling it in her shop though.......

Juliet makes HEAPS more awesome stuff and I would show it all to you here except Swirly would kick my butt. So you MUST go and check out Juliet's store Bitter Thorns NOW and buy lots of stuff :D Please? Oh Juliet also has a group called, um, Bitter Thorns and right now she has a gift for her members, so join up if you like free stuff.