Tuesday, February 27, 2007

First Impressions: Another fantastic store catering to knocked up hookers!

As you all know, the majority of second life designers are prejudice against poor pregnant woman so they hardly ever think of them when designing their clothes. Luckily for me I have found several stores that cater to woman who are walking around with a burden in them. One of these stores that clearly showed no prejudice against knocked up hookers was First Impressions. Very nice and sophisticated clothing for pregnant woman such as myself. As you can tell from the photograph on the um...right...yeah, the right....this outfit makes me look like I'm ready for the work place EVEN THOUGH I do not work because you all know that I am a domesticated housewife that is only good for spreading legs, becoming knocked up, and making my man some pot roast. And if that outfit is too sophisticated for you First Impressions also offers simple but styling cute outfits. And a simple outfit is just what I needed when I went out shopping for a bedroom set for my future burden. If my burden pops up and has a vagina like her mother and her mothers secret lover then she will definitely get this set for her bedroom. I will only teach my daughters to be great housewives and fun stuff like that. Well, I just really recommend First Impressions to any expecting hookers. It gives you class and sophistication, and if you're a knocked up hooker....I think you need that. And the wonderful designer, Pukk Abel, is just such a lovely woman! Very nice, and talented. Thank you Pukk for not letting us pregnant woman down! =)

I'm sure your husband is at work, so go visit these stores, but make sure you're back home soon enough to make his dinner and clean the house, okay!?

Hair from Kin
Glasses from Nylon Outfitters
Boots & Shoes from Shiny Things
Clothes from the wonderful First Impressions