Saturday, February 17, 2007

<3 Love Lace - Lingerie to DIE for!

Love Lace Lingerie is owned and operated by the fabulous Launa Fauna and Nephilaine Protagonist, who are well known for making things other than lingerie. This new label has been featured heavily on those OTHER fashion blogs, but let's face it darling, you can't get a feel for how divine something really looks until you have seen it on Swirly. So Swirly toddled off to the Hobo Railway Infohub in Calleta to shoot these exotic pics just for you. Because of the danger inherent in visiting infohubs these days, Swirly was accompanied by her personal assistant Ayami, and bodyguard Stephanie, who muscled their way in on the shoot. Sigh....

Three lingerie sets are featured here for you today because that is all we bought. Swirly is still waiting for Launa and Neph to send her a heap of review copies. Hurry up darlings, you know Swirly shouldn't have to ASK!

Stephanie is wearing Mortal in red. Swirly doesn't really like the fact that the net baby doll has been severely shredded, probably through careless laundering, but it does rather suit Stephanie's scruffy appearance. My dear sister Ayami is positively glowing in Applique in red. Nice to see that Love Lace offers maternity lingerie too. And Swirly is looking gorgeous wearing Ruffle in, yes, red. Swirly wanted to model something a little less modest for you here today, but Ayami and Stephanie were insistent she stick with Ruffle for this shoot. We are all wearing the Lace Top Backseam stockings here as well.

Perhaps the greatest compliment to the quality of this lingerie came from the passers-by at the Hobo Railway:

[18:19] why are there three hooker looking avatars nearby?...
[18:25] and the church choirs sing out "hallaluja" the hookers have gone!
[18:26] I missed the hookers???? Dammit!

<3> LoveLace Lingerie