Thursday, February 8, 2007

Sssssssilks are sssssexy (now try saying that while eating crackers)

One of my good friends, Fabala Snakeankle, is a pretty new designer and she is green. No, she is green to designing... but she is literally green. I am talking Incredible Hulk, Jolly Green Giant, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and broccoli. Ewww I've put alot of things in my mouth but never broccoli. Anyway, her store SnakeankleBitYou which currently focuses on amazing silk outfits.

Now typically I do not really prance around showing my hawt body off in silks. They do sure look amazing and feel just as good as I look. Typically silks are worn by slave girls and other Gor sluts. I don't really k
now much about that whole sick and twisted world of Gor but from what I understand its full of sluts and mansluts. Its just like a prettier way to say sluts. I mean, we all know they are sluts. They know they are sluts. EVERYONE knows they are sluts. They just wear some sort of collar to show they are someone sluts rather than the common whore. Cute, eh?

First up we have the Jeweled Silks- Diamond set which is just perfect for the sweet little slut. Now, i'm not a slut... I think. Well, maybe. But back to the point at hand. This is a pretty cute set and you can even use the top with jeans or panties or just when you want to feel the cool breeze of mother nature. As you can see I am at Gor land taking these pictures. Lucky for me all the Masters and Mistresses and Mattresses and whatever are all fuckin' somewhere quiet with one another.

Next up we have this great silk outfit called Jeweled Silks- Amber that just looks wonderful. Again, strolling around on Gor land, its quite beautiful other than the random condoms you see. Which is very odd, I'd figure most the girls swallow up here. The silk is very detailed and come in a variety of different styles an colors. The skirt is also flexi so it is very good for when your strutting or running away from a tribe of women hunters.

The final piece showcased is the Blooming Threads- Coolblue Tigerlillies which has a cool tone to it. Looks very hot next to this water, maybe I should dive it to cool off for a bit. Now I am no one's slut... but I might pick up a few. Ya never know when they might come in handy. Sexy lil thangs prancing around the place, doing my laundry, baking me cookies, painting my fence... imagine the possibilities. Just wanna say thanks to Fab again for the free stuff. Now I better run away before some asshole cages me!
Go to SnakeankleBitYou for some excellent silks to really turn some heads!