Thursday, February 22, 2007

*Fashion Mode Adventure* ILLUMINARE

Hello sluts, it's me Cinn here and I have decided to
do a review of Fashion Mode shop by shop because I'm too fuckin' lazy to bounce around the whacked out crazy sims. Fashion Mode is a great lil place that is filled with some great what I call, under appreciated stores. Great for gifts to give well, yourself or ME! Yes, I am telling you to buy me stuff!

First up is a great lil shop called Illuminare! Thi
s place is loaded with great retro t-shirts, even better than Hot Topic. Only thing missing are the pesky Emo Brats crying about their boyfriend and craving attention by playing tic tac toe on their arms with a Mach 3 Turbo. T-Shirts are $50 a pop, great little pick up and makes you want to buy an assload.

They have loads from great 80's movies such as Pr
etty in Pink, The Goonies & Jaws. Bummm Bummm... Bumm Bummmm... Bummm BUmmm Bummmmmm BUmmmm, da da daaaaa. God, I love seeing a cute chick being devoured... even by a shark. Hehe, I've eaten more bikini babes than JAWS! Other themes are tv shows, comics and videogames. Nothing is greater than spinnin' around in your Wonder Woman shirt until you puke. But hey, thats how I stay so thin.

T-shirts arn't the only thing there! They have a wi
de selection of bracelets Hoodies and a few other items. Check it out and this is just the start of our journey through Fashion Mode. I recommend everyone come down to this great spot if they have a shoppin' fix to fill. Sure its not like smokin' but imagine if they made a patch. What would they just duct tape some panties to your arm. Thats not what I would imagine why a thong would be sticky!