Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I visited Annette Voight's store Decoy for the first time today after seeing an announcement for the Elisa dress on the Fashion World of SL feed. The store has only a very small inventory of hand-drawn clothing and according to Annette's blog has only been open since September. What is available so far so greatly impressed me that I ended up leaving the creator one of those fangirl-ish "OMG YOUR STUFF IS AMAZING" type IMs. The apparel at Decoy combines obvious technical ability with classic style and attention to detail.

Elisa is the dress that got me in the door, so-to-speak. Between the unusual stone inlays on the neck, the rouching on the bust and the sleek cut of the skirt I fell in love. I'm wearing the dress in Brown/Teal, Brown/Creme and (my favourite) Wine/Tangerine. The deep wine accented with a rich burnt orange looks puts me in mind of arriving to a gala event feeling rich and important.

Hair: Slow Jamz 2007 - Dark Brown from Hiccup. Skin: Sierra Skin - Pearl Set 2 - 100 from Cake. Eyes: Fantastic Realism Collection - Holly from Miriel. Shoes: (main) BOOTS Smoke-Leather from Redgrave (inset) Vidalia Pump - Noir Croc from Armidi Gisaci.

The Just Peachy Cardigan (shown here in red but available in several colours) is an excellent separate for the cooler months. My fellow button-addicts will be impressed by the perfect hand-drawn button that pulls the cardigan closed under the bust.

Hair: Veronica I - Chocolate from Celestial Studios. Skin: S3 pale ~ Sunset from Tuli. Eyes: Fantastic Realism Collection - Holly from Miriel.

There is more great button detail on the Hooded Blazer, along with little pockets. I'm sure that in the coming weeks this jacket will become a staple in my wardrobe. The hood of the jacket is sculpted and I adore the slightly boyish cut and of course the colour. I chose Navy (it's nice to have a signature colour) but another thing that stood out to me in Decoy was the colour pallet that Annette uses. I'm always drawn to slightly muted colours because they tend to read better in a CGI. The designs at Decoy are coloured with perfect slightly muted tones without slipping into being dull or greyish.

Hair: Ashley - Chocolate from ETD. Skin: S3 pale ~ halo aqua from Tuli. Eyes: Fantastic Realism Collection - Holly from Miriel. Shoes: SNEAKERS Nacre-White from Redgrave. Shorts: Rolled Docker shorts - White & Navy from Elephant Outfitters.

I teamed the Hot Addiction Dress (great name, even better dress) with the Serendipity Shirt (shown in Golden Tan, Light Green and Orange) to give the fun little dress a little more skin-coverage. I was very pleased to see that at least two layer options are available with Decoy apparel and in the case of the Serendipity Shirt - all three. The texturing on this dress is beautiful and I was particularly impressed by the virtually invisible seam between upper and lower layers which is often a problem spot. I found the prim easy to fit and it blends very well with the pants layer.

Hair: The Soho - Harvest Gold from Armidi. Skin: Vivant Buff Sultry 1 from Tete a Pied. Eyes: Fantastic Realism Collection - Holly from Miriel.

*Larger versions of the images can be found in my flickr stream.

'Kota Buck.