Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Fabulous New Things from ZsaZsa

Hello darlings, Swirly here. That fabulous goddess of style, the divine ZsaZsa Withnail, has lots of new treats available for the discerning fashionista at ZsaZsa's House of Beauty. As the most stylish woman in Second Life, ZsaZsa always has her finger on the fashion pulse, which means that you should all rush out and buy everything in her store darlings. NOW.

ZsaZsa's Timeless Updo could best be described as a timeless updo. Reminiscent of those 1960's Hollywood glamour queens, it was just made for Swirly! Never fear, it still looks divine on you mere mortals. ZsaZsa has as always generously included several colours in the pack, and Swirly is wearing Yellow. No, not blonde darlings, YELLOW.

Splash is a sleek and sophisticated style which surprisingly, has nothing to do with swimming pools or the beach. It comes in all of the natural colours a girl could desire - blue, green, purple and platinum. Just divine!

The most exciting of ZsaZsa's new releases is her Halloween Ensemble. Now while Halloween may be an unknown event outside of Second Life (Swirly had certainly never heard of it before), there is just no excuse for not celebrating this special occasion. ZsaZsa's ensemble will transform you into the sexiest pumpkin known to man, and it includes the hair, which incidentally has a little carved pumpkin face on the back! Swirly couldn't be bothered taking a picture of it for you though darlings, so you will just have to buy the outfit yourselves to see. Swirly just loves the little pumpkin belt, and the cleavage revealing top. No need to wait for Halloween to wear this one dears, it's just perfect for all occasions!