Saturday, September 22, 2007

Swirly's Guide to Colour

Drab. Dreary. BORING. These are the only words that can be used to describe the style of the two "fashionistas" shown above. In fact, it describes their personalities to a tee as well, but Swirly doesn't like to get personal, it's beneath her. Dakota Buck in her dreary dress from Savvy? and Stephanie Misfit looking bland in Casa del Shai and Last Call. Oh, they talk about "earth tones" and "neutrals", but honestly darlings, it's all rather dismal.

Swirly is here to educate her devoted readers about colours. Beige, brown, caramel, taupe and those other so called "neutrals" are NOT colours darlings; it's a common misconception that they are, but nothing could be further from the truth. They drain the colour from your face and will drive you into an early grave. These non-colours should be reserved entirely for use by librarians, government employees, and people who work in IT. Boring people.

For the rest of you, liberal use of colour IS required. Some colours you should try are orange, yellow, bright green, purple, hot pink, cherry red, leopard and peacock. There are others as well, obviously, but Swirly can't be expected to remember them ALL. Luckily for you, Swirly is here to show you how to make use of some of these colours. A picture is worth a dozen words, and requires much less effort too.

Swirly is wearing Nicky Ree's Summer Breeze in Rouge. Not only does this stunning dress feature three colours, the delightful satin fabric makes the colours positively glow! A bright dress like this demands even brighter accessories, so naturally, Swirly teamed it with the Pink Neck Hug from Masks and Feathers, and the Whisp Hat in Red from Elegance Hats. Swirly is also wearing the Spikes Eyelashes from ZsaZsa's House of Beauty, her hair is Flapper from ETD and the skin is Rita - Pale - Flapper from Gala.

This glorious gown is Evening Petals in Mango from X3D Apparel. Digit Darkes is a colour GURU darlings, and makes some of the best colours in Second Life. Swirly loves the Bird Nest Hat from Chapeau Tres Mignon, but it isn't very colourful so make sure you don't wear too many of them at once. Swirly is wearing the Feather Necklace from Yummy, which goes so well with the Green Peacock Earrings from Microphage. Swirly's skin is FruitLoops: Sweet Tarte in Medium from [miw] and her hair is the fabulous Rave in Pearl from Sirena.

Yellow is one of the best colours darlings! And it goes so well with orange. When worn together, the effect is almost acidic. Swirly just loves the Decadance Maia jacket in Yellow from Bare Rose, which can double as a rain coat. It's worn here with the Petal Pusher Shorts in Orange from Tete a Pied, and the Paper Couture Logo tights in yellow for a subtle look. Orange shoes are hard to come by, but fortunately Tete a Pied sells these marvelous Maryjanes in several colours including orange. Swirly is wearing Queen Couture's new Starry Night Earrings - they are big and adorned with diamonds which means they are perfect. Also from Queen Couture are the Aviator Frames in Gold. Swirly's hair is Wildebiene in Blonde from Bewitched, a sleek and simple style but still very nice.

The lovely Koyomi dress from Tweet uses multiple colours which really makes it a must have. It even includes the fabulous stockings and arm warmers shown above! Swirly was delighted to find more orange shoes at Nicky Ree, these are the Julia Spring Romance Shoes. Swirly loves her Bubblegum Necklace from Decollage, but was a little disappointed to discover it contains NO bubblegum at all - a very bad case of false advertising from Marcelle DeCuir! Of course, no outfit is complete without the Daddy Long Legs Eyelashes from ZsaZsa's House of Beauty - tint them orange darlings. ZsaZsa also made Swirly's fabulous hair, the Exotic Diva Wig, which comes in a pack with all the essential colours including yellow.

Swirly had SO many other colours to share with you, but decided that she really couldn't be bothered, so you will just have to make do darlings.