Saturday, September 15, 2007

FABULOUS Clara Slingbacks from Shiny Things

Hello darlings, Swirly here. Fallingwater Cellardoor (odd name, nice girl) from Shiny Things gave Swirly the most FABULOUS gift, her new sculpted Clara Slingbacks. Note that Swirly said gift, NOT review copy dears, there IS a difference.

The Clara Slingbacks are retro style heels made from 100% genuine crushed velvets. Normally Swirly would be quite opposed to the brutal crushing of poor innocent velvets, but sometimes fashion demands a certain degree of animal cruelty; it's just the price that must be paid for Swirly to look divine.

The shoes come in 11 delicious colours and cost 300L per pair, although obviously Swirly didn't pay for hers. Swirly thought she would show her readers how these shoes should be worn, as obviously it would be ridiculous for Swirly to merely post pictures of her feet, delectable as they are.

The Clara Slingbacks in Purple MUST be worn with red tights darlings, no arguments. These red tights are part of the Le Sophistiquette Babydoll from's Rag Couture line. And look, Swirly is wearing the dress too! Swirly's hair was made by none other than the fabulous ZsaZsa Withnail, it's the Exotic Diva Wig in Black. Swirly is wearing the River Stone Necklace from Paper Couture, Deco Eyelashes from Cake, and of course that stunning skin is from Tete a Pied, the Vivant Modele 1 in Blush. Swirly will continue to wear this skin throughout this post so as not to confuse her poor readers.

The black Clara Slingbacks just scream "gangster moll", so Swirly simply must insist that you wear them with Kyoot's new outfit, The Last Mobstress. Doesn't this outfit look SO much better on Swirly than on those other bloggers? Of course, you MUST match it with the fabulous Fedora in Black from Simone, which magically changes size upon command! Swirly's hair is Beatle Bailey in Blond from Marlys.

Olive can be such a drab colour darlings, which is why Swirly insists that you wear your Olive Clara Slingbacks with the Le Poufe Dress in Purple from Veschi. Alla Ruff certainly knows how to make good use of colours. This outfit clearly would not be complete without the Afternoon Tea Hat in Green from Royal Blue - the steam from the kettle perfectly accents the delightful silver buttons on the shoes, and steam is a must have accessory this season as we all know. Swirly just loves her Green Peacock Earrings from Microphage, and the Short Crop in Chiffon from Aveda conceals way too much of Swirly's pretty face but is still delightful.