Saturday, September 15, 2007

AVZ - Cyberpunk Meets Art

AVZ is the brainchild of Hern Worsley, who describes it as a dark cyberpunk facility catering in fashion, audio and visual. I was introduced to this store by Juliet Ceres of Bitter Thorns, who with her unique style seems to lead me to some of the most interesting designers every time I see her.

The fashion at AVZ definitely has a heavy cyberpunk influence, but these are some of the most innovative products I have seen in this genre. Hern says that she aims to create unique, high quality products, and has certainly achieved this goal, with traffic to her store being generated mainly through word of mouth from existing fans. These are definitely items that make you look twice, in an "OMG what are you wearing and where can I get it?" kind of way. AVZ carries a broad range of products that extend beyond the cyberpunk market, with items to enhance your goth, punk or neko wardrobe. Many products are highly customisable, with a range of colour and texture options, or the ability to add your own textures.

Twisted Doll is a 6 piece prim outfit featuring an intricate lace choker and marionette strings.
Oh, and nails through your boobs.........

The Survivor set is strongly post-apocalyptic in style, this is definitely fashion meets art.

This absolutely jaw dropping hair is included in the Survivor set. Not for shrinking violets.

The Mech Stilettos look AMAZING and are colour changing so you can match them to, well, anything. But maybe not that nice dress you just got from Last Call. Worn here with the Punctured Bracers, which ARE literally punctured, as in you can see right through your arm. The Sidebag features a texture changing panel which you can customise with your own textures, just click to cycle through them. And the Tora Horns come with or without ribbons ....... I'm a girly girl so I've gone with the ribbons. The latex catsuit is from KDC of course.

Perhaps the cleverest item at AVZ is the TV Goggles, but still pictures don't do them justice I'm afraid. These come with 2 different sizes included, with one pair set up ready for you to wear, and another to which you add your own pictures. The pictures cycle but are interspersed with static for a great flickering screen effect.

I'm wearing the TV Goggles with Hern's amazing Parallel hair, complete with steel rods and little horns for that industrial but evil look.

There's HEAPS more I could have shown you, but this post was getting a little picture intensive, so go and check it out for yourself here. Have a look at the other designers on site too, for a few treats you won't find elsewhere.