Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Works and other things...

Ok. For those of you who have seen the movie Trainspotting, does this toilet look familiar?

Right, because I went to the Works for the sole purpose of picking this thing up. It's called Ben's Shitty Terlet. Ben was kind enough to adjust the pose on it so my ass wasn't perched on the rim, and while he was busy at work I took a look upstairs. Ben makes accessories, too. Sculpty ones! Check this out, the Pirate Belt and the Pirate Bracelet. What's nifty is the sick detail he gets with the sculpts. The rocks look like rocks, not beads. The skull and crossbones aint too shabby, either.

This belt is called the Medic, and modding this thing to fit me made both me and the baby Jesus cry.

Because the detail is just sick. This belt is pretty much entirely sculpted. That's a lot talent, people!

You can pick up all of Ben's things here at The WORKS Urban Filth. He has put together some really great urban furniture as well. If you feel the need to pester him, why not not bother his business parter, Orchid Zenovka instead? While you are there, explore the sim. Some creative new talent is there.

Lacey Mertel has been busy making skins. For those of you who have heard of Lacey, she has put some really great art out there in SL. These skins are just in time for Halloween, or for those who just like looking dead. Very dead. Nothing wrong with that!

First one here is called Beauty Queen Crime Scene. Poor dead beauty queen! I like this one ok, but I am really excited about these other two.

Broken Doll! This skin is beautifully rendered, with broken capillaries and mottled lips intact. Kudos to Lacey for not ruining this with tarty lipstick.

Ok, this one is my absolute fave called Eulogy. The muted shading on the face and lips is just perfect. It's really quite lovely.

Lacey's skins are for sale at lost property, as well as some really great art and other odds and ends she has created. Hell, even the boxes the skins came in are works of art. Thanks, Lacey!

Haha! What a great chair!

This moment brought to you by Chicanery. And Cabbage the hugging bear chair. You know you want one!