Monday, September 10, 2007

Virus Co. gives you the Criminally Inclined Line Up!

Ahoy hoy!

Friends of friends are great! Because then they become -your- friends and sometimes they make really neat shit. Case in point, what I am wearing here. A heads up to really small avies, I had to mod the hell out of these, (which means I like them THAT much) but her new belts will include a version for us little folks. Thanks, Kisten!

We start off with my personal favorite, the Arsonist. The damn thing is loaded for a day (or night) of fun, with dynamite, lighter fluid, matches and molotav cocktails, ready made! I feel pretty good about this belt, as it feeds my destructive tendencies.

Next up we have the Gambler, we gotcher die, loaded deck, chips, and smokes!

Lastly, we have the Thief. This one is loaded with so much shit, I had to take TWO pictures.
See? No bullshit.
And if those weren't enough Kisten's friend, Ashaka Wachman felt the need to contribute to the collection with this FANTASTIC entry called Cookies and Rape. Akasha should make you nervous people, because she has this well planned out. She even includes the beginnings of her own personal list.
Pick up the entire collection here, Virus Company -Mainstore-. And if you are feeling so inclined you may visit the lovely Akasha Wachmann at her own store here .:-CatniP-:.

Welly well well well! Look who decided to make something NEW! Some cool new jackets at Homicide Designs called the Drone. They are nice and thrashed, with torn sleeve variations and cuffs. Cuffs on small avies are hula hoops, people. I don't bother with 'em!

Nero calls this one Putrid. It's a lie. I love it.

Nice tan color.

And Olive. I hate green, but not everybody does. So I took a picture anyway.
In case you lost your landmark, you can go pick these up here.