Monday, September 17, 2007

Cinnamix: Punk'd Goth'd Stoopid!

Hey bitches! Its me and I have finally made my return to da' EffVee. I know, I know, you have all missed me so much. My dear fans, I have decided to bring something new to you and it is called "Cinnamix". (Cinnamix © has been copyright by Cinnamon Coffee. Any unauthorized use will result in a swift kick to da' nutz!) Cinnamix is my way of taking some of the best things in Second Life fashion, mixing them up and spewing them into a beautiful vomit creation, like when you stir up Fruity Pebbles, Moutain Dew and Velvetta Cheese.

If you're like me, you have herpies... but also you tend to mix and match your outfit together.
Combining various items into what you and I call style. Many of what you call "sluts" tend to do this, but it may only be panties and a tattoo but thats not a complaint. Heck, I hope it starts a fashion revolution! Viva NO CLOTHES in Second Life!

This first Cinnamix is based on all those Goth wannabe whores, damn I love em so much. All with too many daddy issues and just beggin' for some luvin'. Good thing Dr. Coffee gives them a shoulder or lap to cry on. This is also the perfect little outfit to get ready for the upcoming spooky and evil holiday that isn't that far away. Yes, I am speaking of Thanksgiving.

I get the heebie jeebies just thinking about all the poor turkey's that run around beheaded. Those damn pilgrims took my land and raped and pillaged stuff. I honestly don't know what pillaged means, but it just sounds naughty. Yes, I am 1/68th Native American. My Indian name is "One Who Spreads Eagle". First we have a great vest from Refuge, even comes with flexi prim ties for the back. With a little tug for quick release. Oopsie, the girls got out ;)

Keeping it back to the basic black and white, typically of most goth children. Keeping it evilish, you got great Skull Armwarmers from Canimal. Her stuff is always great to mix, even if it is just her selection of clothes. Continuing with the skull theme, you got a great little Skull Purse from Artilleri. Das Boots are also from Shiny Things... Great for matching up with a number of different outfits... or just walking around in your panties and tattoos. Yes, VIVA REVOLUTION!

Rounding the rest of the mix up we have this little skirt part of Caliente Express's Rosa Outfit and Mischief's Insubordinate Outfit set with these great striped stockings. And thats how you Cinnamix! Remember ladies, be careful on what you wear and how you do it. Especially if your planning to take it off for me later ;) Till next time, and hopefully it won't be months later... xoxo my bitches!

Now a little image to show I support the arts! Yay for trumpets!