Sunday, October 7, 2007

Armidi - The SHOCKING Truth

Hello darlings, Swirly here with a special under-cover investigation. The grid has been abuzz with excitement about the much anticipated opening of Armidi. But rumours have been afloat as well - Swirly received literally thousands of IMs from fashion fans telling her that Armidi designers Nicole David and Lola Marquez are in fact alts of Ambyance2 Anubis and Lost Thereian of Naughty. Swirly found this a little hard to believe; after all, Nicole and Lola aren't exactly new to SL or to designing, and why on earth would the delectable Lost have a female alt called Lola??

Swirly decided to do a little investigating of her own, and what she found shocked her. You read it here first - Swirly CAN confirm that the Armidi team are in fact alts of Lost and Amby. Both Armidi and Naughty hairs use the same prims. Yes darlings, Swirly used her advanced building skills to closely examine hair from both stores and found that each design contained a TORUS. That's the prim that tastes like a donut, for you less informed folk. Anyway darlings, here is the photographic proof.

Naughty's Winsome I with trademark torus highlighted.

Armidi's The Glamorous II with torus - a DEAD giveaway.

What makes this deception even more shocking is that Armidi uses EXACTLY the same hair colours as Naughty. When Swirly went to the Armidi store she found hair in shades of blonde, brunette, red AND black. As you know darlings, these are the same colours that Naughty uses. Based on this evidence, Swirly is sure you will agree that Nicole and Lola = Amby and Lost. Absolutely shocking, but true.

Well that's all for now dears, Swirly is off to do more shopping at Armidi!