Friday, October 5, 2007

Here comes Halloween!

Ahoy hoy!

October is the BEST time of the year, well for me anyway. And it's the perfect time to check out what Halloween goodies are out there, so our first visit would have to be Sleepy Hollow, home of Grim Babies. YAY!

This nifty wearable is a freebie! It's called the Bloody Body Chandelier. With bloody hands and toes. Can't beat that with a stick. No!

And then we had a peek over at Grim Dolls and I present to you, (sigh) me in 1.) white 2.) some sort of hybrid BUNNY costume. Grim loves it. It has a fluffy skirt, so it's somewhat tolerable. It's called Paper Bunny. Ha!

I like this one oh so very much. Paper Spider! Hardly any white here, and it has a spider web! A really big one! You have to love the spider and web on the bodice. And it doesn't come with animal parts for the the hands and feet. Bonus!

Pop on over to Sleepy Hollow to getcher stuffs. Oh, and there is a trivia contest to win 50 000L's. Wow! Also, check out the Freddie Grim Babie. He is obviously the BEST Grim Babie available now, so you really need one!

Look, Ben from the Works made this nifty every day belt (unless you want to do really bad things then you go to Virus Company. He calls this the Gothic Skull Belt, but it has a really BIG skull and then lots of little ones so you need this. Very scary, skulls are.

Next you can walk around looking quite fierce with this baseball bat. So you can be pretend fierce, or just BE fierce and smash some horrible person right in their horrible face! So for some of you, this would be a great addition to a costume or for me, just everyday wear. ^^

And JUST in time as I type up this blog, this fantastic meat hook with sound and realistic blood drips is available for your happy fun time Halloween decorating! And not pictured, a realistic morgue cabinet, with open and close sounds and lying pose. RAR!

In case you forgot... Dead City whee!

Even Chicanery has gotten into the Halloween spirit, because he made this Frankenstein dolly! He must be worried about copyright infringement, because the doll is simply called Frank. It even comes with a free sculpty pumpkin bucket, with candy inside! The ad says Halloweenies, so we can assume there will be more.

Get Frank and your pumpkin bucket at Koreshan!

And check out what Noam over at Gritty Kitty put out, and it's FREE! This nifty sculpty (and flexi!) witches hat, and matching scarf. It looks really keen! It covers my face so this is more of a disguise. Oh, and the hat changes color, too. <3>
Head over to Koreshan and get your stuff!

Ok, now we head over to Nothing Shocking, and this guys name just screams Halloween! It's Cemetary, and he makes som really sweet masks. I mean, there are so many masks to choose from we could blog into next year, but that would really suck. They come in two pieces, so you can actually flip them up. Cool!

I love this one, it's called Jack Attack. Don't let the fact that it's bright orange put you off, it's really scary, see?

Here is the Immortal mask from 300. It's really well rendered.

Oh, Voorhees mask! Haha!

And the wicked Hannibal mask! Like this would keep me from eating anybody, I don't think so!

Seriously, the prices are decent, and there are SO MANY to choose from, it's staggering. They all look really great. Head on over to Nothing Shocking and check em out!

Like the shirt I'm wearing? Visit the smallest, and and most offensive T shirt kiosk in all of SL!

Dead City. With only FIVE shirts to choose from, you can only imagine just how vile they could be! Very! Too bad Tenshi didn't have one of these for Stephanie's birthday party, she turned up the complete opposite of offensive. Granted, I could have have given her mine, but there was no way I was gunna part with the whole 50 L's I spent on this shirt!

Next up, is this brilliant skin by Lacey Mertel. This is one of the most unusual skins I have ever seen in SL. It's actually chilling. It's called puppet skin, and the pic speaks for itself.

Boys can wear this too! Go check it out atInsula Inferi West.

Lastly, this is hya's vision of the Bride of Frankenstein's dress. It's really quite beautiful, and it has BLOOD on it. A very first for hya! You can pick up the wig there too, a really fine version of the bride's hair made by Calico. Like the bouquet? It's a wonderful wilted bouquet made by the lovely Fallingwater Cellardoor! These girls think of everything!

hya also created an incredible black spider web outfit to compliment a drow skin from Tête à Pied called Spider Queen. The skin is available from there also, picture not posted to make you go look!

Head over to silent sparrow to check these out!

Go see all the lovely new skins from Tête à Pied.