Saturday, October 20, 2007

Swirly Introduces......... Husband Number 7

Hello darlings, Swirly here with FABULOUS news! You will all be thrilled to hear that Swirly has just wed for the seventh time! And with seven being a lucky number, Swirly is almost certain that THIS marriage will last days rather than hours. In fact, it could last an eternity!

Swirly has long been a huge fan of dear little Anna-Nicole Smith, even before she was dead. Swirly is humble enough to admit that she has learnt a thing or two from Anna-Nicole's tragic life. No darlings, not about the evils of drugs and alcohol and medically unsound slimming products, but MARRIAGE. Anna-Nicole was a very clever girl when she met and wed J. Howard Marshall, an aging and ailing oil billionaire who died soon after they married, leaving her to stake a claim to his fortune. But as we all know, Anna-Nicole's attempts to nab the old dears fortune were ultimately unsuccessful. Which is why Swirly decided to learn from Anna-Nicole's mistakes, and avoid selecting a rich husband who was on the verge on death. She went one better, and chose one who was already dead.

Known only as "John Doe", Swirly's new husband has it all! Payment info used, good looks, and a definite lack of energy which should prevent him from making unsavoury requests in the bedroom. Because he is not much of a talker, Swirly can rest assured that SHE will remain in the spotlight during parties and other social events.

Swirly wed in a secret ceremony in a quiet garden location. Did you know that cemeteries have the most lovely gardens these days darlings? Swirly was quite surprised! Swirly delighted in wearing the gown she had planned to wear for her wedding to callous bastard Stephen Bentham. Read it and weep, you low-life scum!

Swirly hopes that you will enjoy these pictures of her special day; she knows that she will treasure the memories forever, or at least until Husband Number 8 comes along. In the meantime darlings, don't forget to send Swirly lots of expensive wedding presents!

Swirly wears: Unforgettable Gown in White from Blaze, Disco Goddess Hair from Coif, Antique Pearl Choker Set from Paper Couture, Deco Lashes from Cake and Vivant Blush Boudoir Skin 1 from Tete a Pied.

Swirly's husband wears: Cadaver-tar from Hat Mechanic (includes rideable autopsy table darlings!)

Delightful gold frames downloaded from deviantART.