Thursday, October 11, 2007

Halloween again? Hell YES!

Ahoy hoy!

So much going on at Halloween, it required a part 2. Fun, huh?

My babysitter Methanne was kind enough to model this fantastic accessory called Blood IV. One would natrually assume that one such as myself would make the best use of a Blood IV, however I took pity upon this poor, pathetic obviously drug riddled creature and decided she would benefit from a bit of mine. This brilliant bit of prims was lovingly crafted by the wonderful Askasha Wachmann and available at Catnip. She and her friend Kisten Bailey created a fun shopping experience here at Hysteria.

Haha, Trick or Treat! This is what Methanne looked like AFTER eating everything from this delightful candy dispensing Fuck it! Bucket. It can be worn as evidenced by the picture below. And of course I just love the name. As quoted by the creator, this says it all: "When shit gets you down, just say 'Fuck It' and eat some motherfuckin' HALLOWEEN CANDY!" available at The Lonesome October Hallowe'en Shoppe along with GREAT Halloween avatars and other fun decorating items! Thanks, Nebulosus!

Here I am looking as PRECIOUS as ever in the Broken Dollie dress by Saur Holt at Passionate Neko Dreams, combined with her just released Skeleton Strings. The dress is a lovely tattered lolita style dress, with blood. That's THREE reasons to love this dress! Wonderfully detailed, I dig this dress a bunch.
Skeleton Strings is such a great buy, because not only do you have this kick ass skeleton based marionette controller, it comes with an AO, skeleton hands grip your wrists and ankles, and the strings move with each pose on the AO. The effect is pretty damn sweet. I suggest that you go check this shit out!

Just released, her now Skeleton Princess dress (formerly known as Pumpkin Princess, no pumpkins here at ALL). It's really fluffy, with some great details. IE: Lots of bones! Bone corset, bone wings, you get the idea. And its black and red. Niiiiiiiiice. The top is a bit daring, that's why I'm hovering like a spacecraft on this wicked looking FREE broom from Little Heaven, you get a folder with 10 of these brooms, each with a different pose. Love it!

Go to Passionate Neko Dreams, Saur's main store, and check out her great stuff, and especially those wicked Skeleton Strings! She also has an entire section dedicated to our favorite holiday, too!

Flea Bussy, my favorite raider and avatar creator, is selling this fantasic lab set. You get variations, like the loaded table here, or just the important bits. The drips and bunsen burner can be turned off an on. So here is a really great Halloween decoration for you, really freaking CHEAP!

She is also selling a set of cauldrons for 1 linden. WTF! You get like 5 of of these for a buck. You get blood, fog etc. the pots can be turned off and on.

There are so many avatars at Grendel's Children you will weep with frustration trying to choose. But luckily for you, so they are so damn inexpensive who needs to choose? Buy em all! Go to Grendel's Children, Grendel's Children, The Birdworx, and more!

I love Truth Hawks. If only for this outfit I have on here, called Hitman. You have to love opening a folder and seeing: HITMAN (ASSIGNED) HITMAN (DEED IS DONE). I didn't even bother with Assigned. I mean what's the point when Deed is Done is smeared with beautiful red, red krovvy?

I am the cutest assassin in all of SL.

The lovely wig I am wearing is new from CAKE (OK, not sure how new) called Wish. Looks great with this outfit. Pick up the wig at FNKY! & Cake. Pick up YOUR Hitman outfit here at TRUTH.

Looks like an angry mob finally got a hold of our lovely Stephanie Misfit, took her outside and hung her. But even swinging from the gallows she looks spectacular in this dress from House of Rfyre called Tangled. This would be the Halloween edition. We both love the sculpty hat with the dangling spider with the big googly eyes. Awwwe.

Here is the before photo. It was considerate of her to change the skirt before she left her shack to die. The outfit includes this delightful hat, the boots and two variations of the skirt and cuffs. Not too shabby!

Here our Stephanie has been reincarnated and looking decidedly Asian in this lovely outfit called Tessen. It also comes with a sexy version, but not in MY post. Comes with the fans and the boots. I love the detail on it, and you will too! This outfit also available from House of Rfyre.

Ok folks, that's all from me. Happy Halloween!