Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat with Swirly

Hello darlings, Swirly here! Furiae Blackthorne has been working hard to cover Halloween costumes here on Fashion Victim, but Swirly must say she has been less than impressed with her finds. Death, decay and misery are perfectly suited to a small child who is, after all, deceased; but for a red blooded, devastatingly gorgeous woman like Swirly, it just won't do darlings! So Swirly has decided to show her readers how dressing up for Halloween SHOULD be done.

The Naughty Nurse costume from Celestial Studios and Last Call epitomises the spirit of Halloween. After all, the sight of Swirly dressed up as a naughty nurse is the ultimate fantasy of every handsome single man with payment info used. Just don't expect her to empty your bedpan dear. If that's your idea of fun, you need to seek urgent psychiatric help.

Naughty boys will not be able to resist Swirly in this very sexy SLPD costume from Rebel Hope Designs. Particularly generous gentlemen may even find themselves hand-cuffed to a chair while Swirly pops out for a spot of shopping with their credit card. Never say that Swirly doesn't know how to show a man a good time.

The Christy Creme costume from Digital Knickers may not be your fantasy darlings, but it certainly is Swirly's! Mmmmm.......... an unlimited supply of donuts!

What man wouldn't dream of watching Swirly bump and grind in this Moulin Rouge Paris costume from Rebel Hope Designs?

Swirly must really draw the line here though darlings. If the Mary Had A Little Lamb costume from Digital Knickers is YOUR ultimate fantasy, you must be a New Zealander. Sheep are only for eating darlings, when will you poor Kiwis learn??

All of these gorgeous pictures were taken at The Crack Den. A lovely spot full of brightly coloured pink and blue balls, and surely the next big fashion mecca darlings!