Saturday, November 3, 2007

Serpenti from Adam n Eve

Hello darlings, Swirly here. Did you know that Adam n Eve sells shoes? That's right, SHOES darlings, FABULOUS ones. Dear little Damen Gorilla is quite clever with the sculptures, and was kind enough to share some lovely shoes with Swirly. Swirly does love gifts despite her strict no review copies policy. These shoes are called Serpenti, presumably because they are made from 100% serpent skins and innards. Swirly just adores anything made from dead animals, and these shoes are no exception. These delightful shoes are elegant and sophisticated, so naturally Swirly just had to model them at Straylight. Smooches Kriss darling!

The Serpenti shoes in Honeycomb match Swirly's bosoms perfectly!

The Cashmere shoes still manage to dazzle, despite being overshadowed by Swirly's beauty.

The Bluepool shoes are best worn by Swirly near a pool of blue water.

Swirly is wearing the Vivant Boudoir Skin 2 in Blush from Tete a Pied, Eva~ The Lyselle Edition Hair in Blonde from Bewitched, and nothing else.