Saturday, August 18, 2007

A perfect Maternity Dress!

Hello! It's been awhile and I know you knocked up hookers feel I've abandoned you and left you to dress horribly. I'm almost sorry! Well, unfortunately, I am on a budget so instead of purchasing all the new maternity wear from artilleri, I could only afford to buy the most perfect maternity dress my hooker eyes have seen. ( My hubby is mad at me because I refuse to get down on all fours like some dog so he's not giving me any money! I have to work for myself! Can you actually believe that!? ) Anyways, this dress is just perfect for me, and may look decent on you as well.

Just look how I glow in it!

Sorry this is so short. As I said above, I actually have to work for myself until I find a real sugar daddy or until my hubby stops being mean and demanding such things.

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