Monday, June 25, 2007

Knocked up Beach BABE!

If that picture doesn't give you naughty thoughts then I honestly don't know what will. That is pretty freaking hot! Anyways, it's summer time, which means time to to wear less and less. And if you don't know, know this: I am no conservative knocked up hooker. Hell, I'd walk around naked if it weren't for those jealous bitches trying to get me banned because I'm all hotter than them and their boy toys can't stop looking at me. Yeah, burden and all, I'm hot, and I wear hot clothes. Now it being summer time a lot of designers are coming out with all these bathing suits and summer clothes, but my favorite place to go for my summer gear would have to be:

Sand S
hack Surf Co.

Emma Gilmour, the creator behind Sand Shack, is probably the nicest designer I have ever met and she's almost just as cute and fun as me. Her shops are extra cute like my future burden will be. ( And if my burden isn't cute, I'll give IT up for adoption, obviously! ) Anyways, I'm just happy another great designer is out there designing with the knocked up hooker in mind.

It seems to be a growing trend! :D

Look at those boobies *Wink, wink* Call me? Don't let my burden stop you ;)

Though I've been told to quit smoking because it's not good for my burden, I just can't seem to kick the habit. It's just like whores can't keep their legs closed for more than five seconds, ya know?

Emma created these pants with the "semi" prude in mind who doesn't like to show off their ass. Though these pants are a must have, I suggest not wearing them if you're looking for the perfect sugar daddy.

Hair, Clothes, Sandals, and glasses: Sand Shack Surf Co.