Friday, June 1, 2007

It really IS all good...for us knocked up hookers. :D

I've always thought It's All Good was a nifty store, but now that I am knocked up, it has quickly become a favorite store of mine. It has a ton of great clothes for us knocked up hookers and for decent prices (which you need when your significant other has suddenly gone cheap! ) Also in the store is a wide range of shoes by Kimberley Casanova that go well with the outfits by Camie Cooper.

These fantabulous pants I'm wearing come with the outfit called Black & White ( Zazi ) ( which is the outfit I'm wearing in the picture on the upper left. ) These pants can be worn with almost any top and flatters that burden of yours. I'm wearing those pants again with the top called Striped Button Beaters which comes in very cute colors. I absolutely love these pants and I'm constantly wearing them all the time now. And no, not because I have no money and my husband won't give me anymore to buy more clothes. Not the case at all. Hmph.

Also, look how absolutely classy and cute I look for carrying a burden in this really really cute dress by Camie Cooper. Ugh, I just don't understand why I see all you knocked up hookers wandering around looking so not cute when you can dress pretty like me and look so adorable. Just because in nine months your life is going to be absolutely ruined doesn't mean you have to look the way you're going to eventually feel in nine months. ^_^

Anywho, it's getting hot outside! And just because I have to deal with morning sickness due to this little burden inside it won't stop me from hitting up the beach and checking out hot studs. I've found the perfect bikini to wear at the beach and it is
also made by Camie Cooper. It comes in several colors and Kimberly Casanova has created cute matching sandals that go perfect with the bikini. ( As you can see me modeling below. ) But for odd reasons, guys do not try to pick me up when I'm looking totally hot in this bikini. I really wonder what it could be, what do you guys think?
Clothes & Bikini from It's All Good by Camie Cooper
Sandals from It's All Good by Kimberly Casanova
Black ballet flats from Shiny Things