Sunday, April 22, 2007

New from Muse - Elle Orchid Collection

To celebrate the opening of the new Muse boutique, Caliah Lyon has released the Elle Orchid Collection, an intricate mix of silver petals, pearls and beads. Available in 5 subtle hues - Ivory, Champagne, Lilac, Rose and Sky - the necklace can be worn with any of the 3 different styles of orchid earrings, or with bead earrings in colours to match. While the prim work is fine and delicate, the pieces are large enough to be noticed and commented on - I fail to see the point of jewelry that is so small no-one can see you are wearing it. The Elle Orchid Necklace is 350L, the 3 pack of Elle Orchid Earrings is 300L and the Elle Bead Earrings are 50L a pair. A fat pack with all colours is available for 2000L. I don't buy a lot of jewelry in SL, but this is prim artwork, as the close up pictures below demonstrate.

Close up of the Elle Orchid Necklace in Sky

Elle Orchid Dangle Earring