Monday, April 30, 2007

Ivalde! ... elegant like white socks..

Ivalde bringin some new looks to the SL scene. Although I don't usually prefer photosourced clothes, Neferia Abel has whipped me into submission with her original styles. Comparable to other retro-esk designers such as Antonia Marat- Artilleri, Dakota Buck-Savvy? and Shai Delacroix-Shai. So if you're a fan of them, you will be a fan to Ivalde.

Bea- (retro Bea brown Dress) A cute retro do-hicky composed of a brown and tan polka-dot top and a brown template styled skirt complimented with a dull-orange colored tiger to add that extra flare. Works beautifully with heels.

- (Alette black Victorian corset dress) Comes with a black corset, that covers enough to still be considered modest. You can either choose between a flared capri-styled set of pants or a fancy puffy skirt.
Anny- (anny dressydress) This dress is Fierce! A campbell soup print that just seems to work! Although it lacks any rad alpha ps tricks, it's still my favorite number. Sometimes less is more and this is definitely the case with this dress!

On the down-side it might be considered a bit pricey for the normal noob *tear*. Price range around 100L to 400L. But do not let the price ward you off because the quality is worth it!