Friday, April 27, 2007

Introducing.. Miss Lucid

Lucid, Diabolical Volos -a face yet to be discovered. Although Volos has been around as long, if not longer than most of the Sl designer divas, she's yet to gain recognition. For as long as I've known her she's been incognito and it's really shameful no one has reviewed her before because this girl is FIERCE.

It just goes to show you, there's always a fresh face to be discovered.
(Left- Ad for Fixation one of the newest releases

What? You don't believe me that she's as fierce as tyra banks if not more? okay here's why:

1) Punkbitch- Quite a name right? Well the outfit sure lives up to it. It comes 7 different color tops and pants to match. I absolutely love this outfit, the detail is impressive (has little baby safety pins awwwness ♥)

2) Fixation- Absolute Newest release and so far the most rawker for your money. 500L for all you see in the ad. Very skimpy but in a classy scene-slut way that all the rawka chicks in SL dress. Therefore =Fierce

3) Nancy- This outfit by far my favorite, the top is a slender form-fitting tanktop with a cute tramp-stamp in the middle of the bosoms. Perfect for the SG-esk tattooed girls in SL. Besides the top, it comes with a double-belted set of pants with zippers on the thigh,very detailed.

Now seeing as that you've never met my dear ol' friend Diabolical, I interviewed her JUST FOR YOU! WOW aren't you rad!?

bout the business..

Dot: how would you describe your clothing?
Volos: all into anything different... and makin trendy things look more unique;its a lil of everything
Dot:What other SL designers do you find inspirational?
Volos: amby and lost of course
Volos: starley[celestial studios], you[Satine],kaejo desilva,asri falcone...not mistress but the other girl
Dot: lol

Satine Dot: why do you make the things you make? what inspires you?
Volos: i like making art in done graffiti in rl for 15 years,anything that i have to teach myself, i make the things in sl i make, because i think i add stuff thats not to typical and I love when i see a random person wearing it or using my animations

Dot: how would you say your pricing is? fair average high low? could the average noob afford it?
Volos: some is high for sure, most noobs can afford some of the older stuff, but i put alot into making it original and quality so i charge what id pay for somehting of that quality its all between 200 and 500 at this point
Dot nods
Volos: depends on how much i put into the outfit shading i do it ALL from scratch usually so its always a lotta hours usually


Dot: What do you prefer hand-drawn or photosourced and explain why
Volos: hand drawn to me if its done right it looks more real than anything else and its one of a kind,unique
Dot: b) so do you believe they should charge more than someone that photosources?
Volos: yeah definatley if its done well not carelessly
Dot: Favorite Band?
Volos: wow, that's hard, i'm into a lotaa of music
Dot: one band that you feel defines you
Volos: deftones....for sure


Dot: what advice do you have to upcoming designers?
Volos: noooway, lol well I never wanted to annoy anyone so i never asked designers, i read A LOT of titorials and then became friends with some well known designers. They saw i was somewhat skilled so
they helped if I need questions answered usally
Satine Dot: So no advice for new meat? :]
Volos: read tutoriasl
Dot: Thank you :D
Volos: and its a LOTTA trial and error
Dot: Sweetness
Volos: specially with poser, lol
Volos: tell them if they ever have any questions I'm nice, ill usually explain as well as i can, but they ahve to have at least the mimimal ps knowledge, like i can't teach someone ps
Volos: lol
Dot:lol okay

Dunt you love her? Here's where to find her stuff Lucid