Friday, December 12, 2008

Swirly Introduces New "Pay Per Post" Review System at Fashion Victim

Hello darlings, Swirly here! Swirly is thrilled to announce the arrival of a new review system here at Fashion Victim - "Pay Per Post". Designed to meet the needs of discerning designers, "Pay Per Post" allows you to purchase Swirly's valuable time and talent to promote YOUR mediocre little store. Just check out Swirly's competitive rates and unparalleled service options and contact Swirly to purchase a quality, unbiased review of your store.

Base rate - 10 000L. Because Swirly won't get out of bed for less darlings ;)

You can then choose from the following affordable options for your review -

Negative review with unflattering pictures of your items - 5000L
Fawning review with pictures of Swirly looking stunning in your things - 10 000L
Name of designer and store spelled correctly - 5000L
SLURL to your store - 5000L
Timely review (within 1 month of request) - 25 000L
Nudity - 75 000L

All the big names are already signing up for this fabulous deal, so don't delay! Contact Swirly NOW to arrange your very own "Pay Per Post" review!