Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fabulous New Prosthetic Feet from Stiletto Moody!

Hello darlings, Swirly here! Did you know that Stiletto Moody was the FIRST person to introduce sculptie shoes to Second Life? Swirly didn't, and thought it was someone else entirely, until Stiletto herself set the record straight on that. Phew!

Now onto the review. Swirly was VERY excited about this new release from Stiletto that has not only been hailed as the greatest advancement in technology to ever hit the SL grid, but is also very reminiscent of Swirly's all time favourite television show!

Ahh Dexter! Luckily for those who have suffered similar fates to that pictured above, Stiletto Moody has come to the rescue with a range of divine prosthetic feet that even include shoes! Fortunately, Swirly has never suffered a mishap that has resulted in the loss of a precious foot, but she still couldn't resist purchasing one of these prosthetics for herself. Just look at them darlings!

These marvelous replacement feet and shoes look even better close up. Now bear in mind that you will need to adjust them yourself, but thanks to the technologically advanced menu system, it shouldn't take you more than a few hours to get a close approximation of your skin tone. After seven hours of blood, sweat and tears , Swirly decided that close enough was good enough. And here is the result, fabulous wouldn't you agree darlings?

Swirly noticed a slight gap at the ankle but has been assured that this is just an "invisiprim" issue and is nothing to worry about, her foot hasn't actually been severed. It's certainly not something that would put you off paying 1899L for a pair of these!

Swirly's favourite part of these fabulous feet is the succulent toes, such delicate little sausages. Swirly isn't sure if they are edible but will be sure to find out later when she procures the appropriate condiments. They certainly look tasty from here!

All in all, Swirly would have to agree that these new prosthetics are THE greatest thing to hit the SL grid, if not the world. As with all Stiletto Moody releases, they include bling AND that fabulous horse clomping sound to really set you apart from the crowd. Swirly highly recommends that you buy them, even if you aren't an amputee.