Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Public Service Announcement from Swirly

Hello darlings, Swirly here! Complaints have been received about some of Swirly's old posts dominating the various feeds. Swirly really wishes she could take responsibility for this but alas, this is only a Blogger glitch that is causing feeds to pick up numerous old posts from blogs hosted on Blogspot. The more intelligent amongst you may have observed that unfortunately this has happened with a number of lesser blogs, not just Swirly's.

So what is the solution to this dreadful problem? How can it be fixed so that Swirly's old posts dominate the feeds every single day, allowing you to enjoy a 100% Swirly fashion feed 24 / 7? Swirly is pleased to announce that she is currently in negotiations with Carissa Crimson to ensure that the Fashion Feed of SL only contains posts by Swirly. All blogs other than Fashion Victim will be removed from that feed in the near future. This will ensure that readers are only exposed to quality content i.e. beautiful pictures of Swirly. Negotiations will also occur with Tao to ensure that the Fashion World of SL feed is 100% Swirly. Swirly knows that you will all be very excited about these major changes to your favourite feeds, and looks forward to her continuing domination of the SL fashion scene.