Sunday, March 25, 2007

Beauty Essentials by Kriss Lehmann

Hello darlings, Swirly here. And what a treat she has for you today! Swirly is excited to be the first to tell you about an amazing new beauty product developed by renowned Second Life photographer Kriss Lehmann - Bling Bewbs™ Swirly Edition with Everglow™. That's right dears, it's bling for your bosoms! But darlings, this isn't just BLING, this is a complete particle technology beauty enhancement system which includes scripted inspirational quotes from Swirly herself to increase your overall attractiveness AND improve your sense of well-being. Just look at the fabulous photo above of Swirly wearing her Bling Bewbs™ if you need any further proof that this is THE beauty product of 2007.

Bling Bewbs™ features Everglow™ technology, as seen in the Everglow™ Beauty Light which was also developed by Kriss Lehmann. Yes darlings, the Everglow™ Beauty Light is a facial lighting system designed to enhance your natural beauty by giving your face a gentle, youthful glow. Swirly KNOWS there are other facial lighting systems available, but none produce results as dramatic as Everglow™, as the following untouched before and after shots will prove.
The absolutely essential
Bling Bewbs™ Swirly Edition with Everglow™ are available exclusively at Kriss Lehmann Gallery for the ridiculously low price of 10 lindens - Kriss is practically giving them away darlings which is a bit silly of her really given that this is a product most of you would happily pay thousands for. The Everglow Beauty Light is also available along with some lovely photos which were taken by Kriss herself, such a clever girl! And if you have the stomach for it, do explore the rather interesting build while you are there, it's like taking a trip into the bowels of hell. Literally darlings!