Thursday, March 1, 2007

Wandering Adventure

Oh, hello there! Lizardbeth Lulu here. You can call me Liz, or Lulu, but just as long as you don't call me "the critter". Since I got recuited for this fancy blog thinger, I took the day to take a bunch of super professional photos highlighting some favorite fashion finds in my inventory.

Here's a shot of me taking up in the morning. In spite of how cute & adorable I may seem, I'm really like a drooling slug of a lizard until I've had my morning coffee. Luckily, these sushi PJs from Canimal help me to continue to look adorable even though I am the opposite of functional and coherent. Thankfully, there was a half-empty pot of coffee in the fridge that was promptly microwave & topped off with milk & sugar.

Then I got dressed - because one does not lounge around in their PJs all day, that's just being sloppy. The tank top was made by MAIA, and it's covered in RUBBER DUCKIES!! Seriously, who doesn't love rubber duckies? If you don't love rubber duckies, than you are a heartless, evil person. They do nothing but fill the world with happiness and give you songs to sing while you're pruning in the bathtub. The necklace is from Canimal, and is OH SO SHINY! (I like shiny things, they make me very happy.) The painter pants are made by Torrid Midnight. They came in 4 colors - black, light, medium, and dark denim - and have pant layer versions, and underwear layer versions for those of you with feet small enough to squeeze into those fancy platform boots. I wear these jeans a lot, because they show off my artsy side.

This is where the owner of the house I was "borrowing" came home. Damn. You'd think a guy named "Barnesworth ANUBUS" would be a little nicer and more understanding towards furries. I think that guy's mom needs to teach him some manners.

Oh, for this picture, I decided I wanted to show off some of my pirate-themed stuff. Pirates are AWESOME. Just like Rubber duckies. ...ok, not in the same way, but they're still really awesome. Anyway, the tank top is made by Artilleri, and also comes in a set with a heart with crossed bones. My only complaint about this tank is the fact that it only comes on the jacket layer, so you can't layer it with a jacket or something over top of it. Minor nit-pick though, because it's otherwise too adorable. They also had to be paired with my Pirate Kitty jeans from Boneflower Designs. If you check out her store, you'll see that they're part of a super-deluxe eye-patch pirate themed set with tops and boots and skirt and eye-patch and all sorts of things. The pants themselves come in a 2-pack- the normal zipped up version, and the open fly version, for you girls who don't like to leave stuff to the imagination, you sickos.

When I went to take the pic, I found a sim called "City of Cardonicus", that had a whole bunch of ships. It was a really pretty sim, but soon after I got there a whole bunch of people told me I couldn't stay because I was a furry. Something about it being a "Gorean" sim. I don't know what that means, but I think it's french for "go-away-furry-before-we-put-you-in-the-zoo". Something like that. Anyway, I respected their wishes and left as gracefully as the situation called for.

After being booted out of the "Gorean" sim, I wandered into this snowy valley and decided to put together a scenery-appropriate outfit. The sweater and arm wraps, as well as the socks, are part of the Lulu collection from Celestial Studios. They're a huge, huge, HUGE collection of basics in a rainbow of colors, allowing for almost endless mix & match combinations. The boots are called Klunk boots and you get them from FORM. Not only are they cute in that dumpster-diving kind of way, but they are the ONLY boots I've found to fit over my big toes!

The kilt skirt is from Last Call, and comes in mini (in the picture), and knee-length versions, AND you can buy it for men too, if you recall Swirly's dashing make-over of Smelly Janitor a while back. Now, I know many of you do not have tails, but for those that do the following information may shock you.... but if your tail is attached like mine, this skirt WILL cut it off. I mean, GONE!! No more tail!!! It's a really good thing that reptiles can re-grow lost tails or else I'd really be in trouble.

It was about this time that I started to get a little chilly. Cold weather does NOT agree with cold blooded reptiles such as myself. I started to feel dizzy and lightheaded, and started seeing clouds in my breath. The things that one does for beauty... I decided I had better get myself to somewhere warm before the cold touch of death decided to take me away.

...And warm place I found! Not only this, but it was in the Furnation Sim! I could sun myself and not worry about random nut jobs hunting me with cage guns. I plopped down on the beach to sun myself back to life, but not before putting on my Infini-Kini from Celestial Studios. If you do not own a bathing suit, this is seriously the ONLY suit you will ever have to buy! You buy one of the many varying base suit top & bottom styles, which comes on the underwear layer. Then you buy the overlay pattern, which is on the shirt & pants layers. Both layers are re-colorable, meaning you have an almost unlimited number of bikini combinations! Besides stripes, I also have pirate-patterned ones (see above note about awesomeness of pirates), but they also come in many other patterns as well.

Well, thats it for today. I had many wild adventures, some of which I hope to purge from my memory forever. I hope you had fun, even if at the expense of my dignity. See you next time!! o^=^o