Friday, March 9, 2007

Misuse of Review Copies

Darlings, Swirly is sorry to have to bring this up, but she has noticed a disturbing trend towards the misuse of review copies by certain Second Life designers. That's right dears, not bloggers, DESIGNERS. Certain designers are failing to distribute review copies to those who are best placed to promote their products, ie. SWIRLY. And Swirly has it on good authority that other, lesser bloggers are receiving these review copies!

As you are aware, Swirly has a policy of not asking for review copies. This is because she shouldn't have to. A blogger, no, CELEBRITY of Swirly's calibre has the right to expect that the good things in life should be handed to her on a silver platter, and these good things naturally include review copies, lots of them. Swirly has had to degrade herself by HINTING that she should receive review copies (yes Ginny dear, this is directed at YOU). Worse yet, she has had to spend her OWN lindens to buy things to review for Fashion Victim! Frankly darlings, it STINKS.

Swirly has compiled a short list of offending designers, the list is not comprehensive but includes some BIG names, people who have abused their privilege as designers by failing to send Swirly all of their new things to review. Swirly can only hope that by publicly shaming them here on Fashion Victim, these designers will cease their disgusting misuse of review copies.


Last Call And Swirly thought you loved her Ginny darling!
Paper Couture Shame on you Lu Sisters! Shame!
ETD Elika, Elika's not like it's a HUGE deal to give out Willow packs for free now is it darling?
Artilleri You seemed so NICE Antonia! But Swirly knows better now
Canimal Your clothes are a little too casual to be Swirly's style but that's hardly the point is it? Swirly could always sell them on!
boing fromage Elka you KNEW that all the clothes Swirly bought from your store on the beta grid had mysteriously disappeared from her inventory, and yet you still haven't offered to replace them!
Celestial Studios Starley, so many new skins and not a single one for Swirly??
Shiny Things Fallingwater dear, you give shoes to a trashy, promiscuous LESBIAN but not one pair for Swirly??
Linden Labs Swirly is still waiting for you to respond to her offer to review a private sim, at no charge to you, for 12 months. Is that any way to run a business??