Saturday, March 3, 2007

Lovey's Boutique - Prettiest Skins in SL

I saw Dakota Buck yesterday wearing THE prettiest skin I have ever seen. It was made by Lovey Darling from Lovey's Boutique. I've since asked Dakota to please only wear ugly things around me, because when I TPed to Lovey's store I was so blown away by how gorgeous her skins are, I bought them all.

Quite simply, these skins have the loveliest faces I have ever seen. They do have a hand drawn look to them but the detail and shading is flawless. The brows are some of the best I have seen and the lips are luscious with a gorgeous little cupid's bow. The faces have a slight shine to them which gives a realistic appearance, and the cheeks have a subtle rosy glow. However it was the makeup that really impressed me. I never wear skins with bright lipstick or eyeshadow, and usually stick to neutral tones. But I found myself unable to resist the skins with green eyeshadow, cherry red and hotpink lipstick. There are quite a few neutral makeups as well which are just as lovely.

Single skins are 900L and are available in 5 different skin tones - Strawberry Milk, Honey, Chai, Caramel and BonBon. I bought the Strawberry Milk skins, which are the palest skintone. There are 8 different makeup options, and you can choose to buy these in packs of 4 for only 2400L. This is a great price for 4 skins, however I couldn't decide which pack to buy so just bought the lot. The makeup options in both packs are shown below.

Kit 1 contains Blueberry, Cafe, Cherry (which has the most gorgeous beauty spot) and Vanilla.

Kit 2 has Bubblegum, Kiwi, Mulberry and Peach. All as yummy as they sound!

The detail and shading on the body is nicely done, realistic without being, well, pornographic. These skins don't suffer from the faded nipple look I have noticed on a lot of other skins. The shading for the cleavage is really well done. As for the genital area, this is quite subtle and each makeup choice comes with 2 skins with different options, one with a slight "landing strip" and the other with no hair at all.

If you haven't done so yet, head over to Lovey's Boutique at Fashion Mode and check out the demos for these skins. But take lindens!