Tuesday, March 6, 2007

OMG cuteness! Cyberpunk Tinies

Sorry guys but I am just gonna have to blog something else my wife has made. This is just too cute not to be featured here. Yup, cyberpunk accessories for tinies. I knew my Wynx bunny av was missing something!

Juliet Ceres from Bitter Thorns makes some pretty impressive cyberpunk accessories for human avatars, so obviously the next logical step was so make them for, um, cute little bunnies. Juliet has made a jet backpack which includes a flight assistance system (the pics shown here were taken at 30000m). The blue flame particle effects on this look great and will definitely make YOUR bunny stand out from all the rest. Wynx Whiplash of ExtroVirtual fame was given the backpack for testing and had this to say: "Whee! That looks great! Looks like a refugee from product testing, gone on a mission of destruction!"

Of course your bunny would not look totally badass with just a little jet backpack now would it? So Juliet has made a whole range of cyberpunk accessories for your tiny, including cyberboots and cyberarms which are available in two different styles, and goggles, which are de rigeur for bunnies flying at high altitudes. There's also a spiked crest and horns if you want your tiny to look REALLY mean.
All these accessories are mod / copy which means you can adjust them to suit your avatar. They should work with any tiny av, not just Wynx bunnies. The jet backpack is 175L, and the other accessories are priced between 75-100L.

Bitter Thorns