Saturday, March 3, 2007

Lolita dresses and me!

Hi! Swirly will be very annoyed with me if I don't gush over something soon so, let's go!

These are my Aunties, Poe and Sweethate! They are babysitting me today and taking pictures. This is Sweet's car, she is driving because I don't have a car, and three won't fit on my trikey. Haha!

(Are we there yet?)

As you can see, I'm not looking very fancy today, so we are going to Isle of RFyre. Rumor has it that Raven released her very first lolita dress. I wonder who put that idea into her head?

Here we are at RFyre. WOW! Look at this! I feel like white trash just standing in here, this place reeks of fancy! Goth Doll Lolita, yay! Ok I put it on, how do I look?

(Poe and Sweet can hardly stand to be near me now because I look so fancy!)

(See Poe and Sweet checking out
that hot chick wearing Blackguard!)

Goth Doll comes with stockings, SHOES(!), skirts in three sizes, kiddie, normal and fatso! Gloves, and nifty garter thingies, undiepants and the top! Here is the link go and look!

Where to next? Goth1C0. Ever been there? If you haven't it's because you SUCK!

This place has so many cute lollies, and guess what? I just got the brand new one and I get to model it with Keishii! I am one happy babie. And here it is:
Don't you wish you had this? Go get one! It comes with hat, glitch pants, shirt, gloves and a skirt that can be shrunk to the size of a pea!

By Furiae Blackthorne