Sunday, March 11, 2007

Why I love Chicanery and Draconic!

LOL, hay you guys! Have you ever had a Alice in Wonderland fantasy where all the characters were hot chicks dressed in latex? Well consider this your dream come true, because at Draconic Kiss, fantasy has become a reality. Haha! Swirly sure was excited when she saw Mad Hatter, and she just couldn't wait to show it to you!

Swirly Cyclone: Swirly was a kajira many moons ago, she knows these things darling.
Swirly Cyclone: Men went to battle over Swirly.
Well! After seeing her in this outfit, now we know why!

Doesn't she look fabulous? Leave it to Drac to accentuate the full figured gal, because Swirly has lotsa curves! These nifty outfits look sexy as hell with flexi prim attachments and a shine that just glistens! Have a look for yourself, because here is the full set!
As much as it pains me, I can't wear these for fear of my daddy landing in jail. But Drac god bless her was kind enough to send me this lovely number called Perennial. Drac knows what I likes! Check me out in the black and ruby sets, and attached to my tiny piggies are none other than her black double strapped mary janes! Please notice dears the lovely prim cuffs and beautiful flexi prim jacket attachment. I did right away! It also comes with the long coat and skirt! Fancy! Do I dare mention that she has some amazing kids clothes there as well? Haha, I just did! Go get this stuff at Draconic Kiss Main Store!
I love you Draconic because you are pretty and make pretty things!

OK! As I promised before, pictures of me with my bat! Here is why you need to get over to Chicanery's and pick up the Pack of the Missing! It comes with so much stuff, you have to see it to believe it! Look how some babies mananged to kick so much ass of a rogue luchador! Haha it's all true! Look for youselves how it all went down!
Babies can easily reach each other with this handy walkie talkie!
Look there he is, the busturd!
You are so going down, Flying Chicken Vindaloo!
Get him, babies!
Haha! Victorious!

See? This pack is amazing and you can come up with some exciting adventures of your own! It comes with a HUD, so you have easy access to your walkie talkie, plushie and and scripted bat with sweet, sweet battle moves! That Flying Chicken Vindaloo went down like the pussy that he is! And get this, you have a choice of 11 different pack designs, 12 different flag designs, and 8 buckle colors! All in one pack! And if you feel the need to annoy my poor Chicanery, for a price he will replace your plushie with one you already bought from the tatterdemalion dots collection! I got Diego and it gave him fits!

Grownups like it too, but make sure you buy them for your babies, you nasty, selfish things! You can get it here Chicanery!

NEXT! I cross police tape to check out some clothes! YAY!

Special thanks to Tannith Waverly, Stephen Bentham and Sweethate Flasheart for their help with the action shots!

Chicanery is my friend and I loves him very muchly, and he made my siggy!