Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fashion Victim HQ Now Open

Hello dears, Swirly here with FANTASTIC news! The Fashion Victim Headquarters is now open. Well truth be told darlings, it's actually been open for a little while now, but it just completely slipped Swirly's mind to tell you! And of course you know that we don't like to rush things here at Fashion Victim, laziness IS a virtue after all.

Above: Ayami and Stephanie celebrating the opening of the Fashion Victim HQ

The HQ houses the Fashion Victim office, where all the bloggers work hard to bring you sporadic posts of varying quality, if they are not distracted by Swirly tantalising them with her moves on the stripper pole. But darlings, there's so much more than that! Fashion Victim brings you........ designers!!! FABULOUS ones. Hey Joe, Indie Rainbow's Set It Off discount store, Funk-O-Rama, Veschi, HDesign, Lovey's Boutique, Savvy? and Tweet are all at Fashion Victim. And fingers crossed, Lemon and ZsaZsa's House of Beauty will open soon. Two of the stores house new designers; Alla Ruff with some very pretty hand drawn clothes and bright jewelry at Veschi, and our very own trashy little Dakota Buck who actually makes some quite stylish retro clothing at Savvy? Yes, with a question mark. Silly girl.

The Fashion Victim team hope to bring you a HUGE opening party to celebrate the opening of the HQ, and this should occur some time within the next 6 months if things go to plan. In the meantime, do drop by darlings! And don't forget to try the camping while you are there, trust Swirly when she tells you that it is an experience not to be missed.