Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Zoe Llewelyn: Alive and Well in Temenos!

Hay look, a sneak peek!

Haha, yesh! I'm telling all of you come TUESDAY you need to haul your goth lovin' asses over to Temenos right away because she will be releasing the FIRST (yay!) outfit for her new anime inspired goth line! This one is called Lucifer.

Zoe tells me that she will be doing the entire series in blacks, reds, greys, purples and whites! Gothy goodness yum yum, and it even looks good on babies! I loves it so much I will wear it as jammies, tew.

It comes with this nifty prim jacket (it's swishy!) , prim collar, moddable prim cuffs I shrunked mines!) and prim vest laces. Also included are pants, vest and BOOTS! They come in TWO sizes, big peoples and little oneses too! I can't wait to see the next next outfit. Don't bother her though, or you will find my baseball bat sideways up your ass! Go get yours tomorrow!

But wait, there is more!

Lookat this, another sneak peak! This is one of her new beautimous white skins! This is Zoe wearing one, isn't she pretty? I agree, yesh! You can't buy these yet, no! But soon. How many will I get? Haha, that's easy! ALL OF THEM.
Hay, a dress! I don't wear much in the way of childrens clothes, no! But my big, smelly sis Scathach wanted me to check out these nifty dresses she found and I liked them so much I got one! This is the one I picked out, it says STUPID PEOPLE SHOULDNT BREED! Haha! So remember this little pearl of wisdom before you attach one of your annoying, spamming wannabe baby guts! ADOPT! Here it is I likes it bunches:

It's the Wasted Kidz line made by Tao Valentine and you can get it here !

P.S. Tao, could I please get a shirt that says Scathach Smells Like Poo? Thanks!

The boots I am wearing do not come with the outfit, my daddy Feri Beckenbauer made them! You can get them at Beckenbauer Productions . They are in the kids section, noob! Go get some! They are called lils clunkers kidz.

New at Beckenbauer Kidz are these new kick- ass bling free binkies my Auntie Sweethate Flasheart made, and here they are! And look next to the binkie/boot display, there is a walker attachment so you can cage your precious youngster like a Gorean! Haha!

Later this week, pictures of my baseball bat! Im tired now.
Furiae Blackthorne