Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Prettiest Skins in SL

I was helping a friend adjust his eyebrows when I found it. He'd just bought one of Canimal's Core Skins so naturally enough I had to grab a demo. I was blown away when I tried it on. UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE. After several minutes of staring in awe of my own beauty I TPed in my lovely new wife Stephanie. Steph and I have shared skin tips before and before we bought the Core skins I didn't think we could be more in love with each other. Canimal has proved me wrong.

I've enlisted the help of my love, Stephanie, to model the skins. She was kind enough to stay home from the pub tonight for the purpose... that and she's on a three day ban from our local for last night's run-in.

Fashion Victim cares: Even though I love Stephanie sometimes she can get a little careless when she's drunk. If you find yourself in a similar situation I recommend Flock hair by Launa Fauna. Here I'm wearing it in Ginger Brown. With the bangs swept so classily to the side it becomes easy to hide the swelling that blossoms around your eye.
Stephanie Misfit: Bubby, you know I only hit you when I'm drunk.
Dakota Buck: You're always drunk.

Australia Says No!

Ladies if you're looking for love then this is the skin to look in. Stephanie and I can't keep out eyes, or hands off each other. She surprised me by the bin with a little spontaneous make-out session - that could be you with your bum pressed against the cool plastic of a bin-lid, the allure of these skins are so strong.

The minimalist make-up lets your natural beauty glow through with the too-cool-to-care week old eyeliner smudged around your peepers for that sultry look. Canimal's skins are perfect for the fashion conscious as they feature the thicker - bushy, if you will - eyebrows that are so en vogue right now.

It may seem that I have nothing but high praise for these skins, but in all honesty, there are one or two faults that I really feel need to be addressed. The issues I have with this skin were only revealed when my lovely wife and I made a move to the bedroom. As breath-taking as her body always is, I was a little taken a-back at Steph's "happy trail" - the unsightly line of body-hair beginning at her belly-button and disappearing into the waist-band of her knickers. We also found the muscle definition on the belly to be most peculiar. This almost masculine stomach shading gives no consideration to womanly curves - it even seemed strange on my love's slender frame.

Unfortunately by the time I had gotten over my initial shock and was ready to over-look the skin's faults Steph had passed-out cold and despite my best efforts we were forced to postpone the friskiness until she sobered up.

Get Canimal's Core Skins - it's time to be beautiful, Second Life!